Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet Kids web project in beta testing phase

Hi, a long time no posts, I was working on a small web project and now it’s online. (you can access it from here)

It’s called Sweet Kids, it’s about uploading the best and most beautiful picture of your babies and voting for them with your family and friends, you can vote for other cute babies too. After voting there is always a top list of votes for the cutest babies.

  • Top of all Time: the most sweet baby picture
  • Top of the month: from the name, the top most voted picture during this month
  • Top of the week: from the name too, the top most voted picture during this week
  • Top of the day: from the name too, the top most voted picture during this day

After compiling a number of photos I will arrange more top list depending on gender, nationality, age and other characteristics.

Currently the site is in beta testing, so don’t be mad if you see something not working, please your feedback and comments will help a lot to improve the site.

I tried to use the best component and tools to arrange the gallery and the uploading take a look at them they are very cool (most of the are jQuery pluging):

For the voting gallery im using galleriffic

For cropping the uploading images im using Jcrop

For uploading control I’m using uploadify

For displaying images from the gallery I’m using PrettyPhoto

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