Monday, July 02, 2012

I WON the “Microsoft Gulf Windows 8 App Competition”

I WON the “Gulf Windows 8 App Competition” for My app “Kids Metro Studio

I received today the prize as promised “Windows 8 Samsung Tablet Slate PC 700T1A”, its awesome.

This would not be possible without the help and encouraging of my colleagues and friends. spacial thanks to:
  • My Team leader, Muhamad Kaiser, for always igniting the passion.
  • Ali Bin Yahaa, for pushing me forward to the end
  • Asher Husain for supporting on all levels
  • Ali Nawaz for sprit participation & encouraging
  • Walid Ward & Summay Ali for moral support
  • My Managers, Jaffer, Siva & Sameh, , for encouraging , supporting, time managing, etc. 
From Microsoft I would like to thank the below for the continues support, training, follow-up, etc:
  • Natasha Zaza, IT Community Collaboration Manager
  • Maureen Mansour (AMS), Developer Program Manager at Microsoft
  • Michael Platt, Senior Director in the Developer & Platform Evangelism Group based in Redmond, Washington
  • Hatem Al-Howainy, Technology Strategist at Microsoft
  • Dev11 - Win8 App Contest Team
  • All the teams in Microsoft that participated in the great Win 8.


  1. Asher Hussain10:44 pm

    Mabrook Mabrook Habibi. :)

    Seriously it was all your own individual effort and passion. At least I didn't play any role. :) You are rewarding me for not making any sacrifice. ;)

    Nevertheless congratulations and keep rocking!!!

    Injazat Tech Delivery is proud of you my friend.


  2. Out of curiosity, what language did you choose to use?

    1. I Used C# & XAML, image library was all png format. full touch (drag, drop, scale , rotate).
      tried my best to implement all the metro style concepts and design (AppBar, metro font, design standers, multiple views (landscape, portrayed, snap , filled ), cloud service profile. It was my first win8, if you are interested in any detail I will be very happy to share what I learned. Im planning this week to post more about the details.

  3. This is the official email i received from Microsoft:-
    From: Maureen Mansour
    Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 5:30 PM
    To: Ali Taki; Dev11 - Win8 App Contest
    Subject: RE: My win8 app for the Microsoft contest - Kids Metro Studio - Gulf Windows 8 App Competition

    Dear Ali,

    We would like to congratulate you for creating the best Windows 8 App. You are officially the WINNER of the Windows 8 App Competition!!

    We will notify you when your prize is ready for pick-up at the Microsoft office in Dubai Internet City.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Windows 8 App Competition Team