Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Microsoft Dynamic CRM

From a Microsoft introduction video about Microsoft dynamics CRM that summarized the main features as below:-

CRM Main Functions
Supporting Sales, Marketing & Services

Sales Functions
-Communication tracking
-Product Database
-Sales Processes

Client Cares Functions
-Case Recording
-Contract MAnagement
-Services & Resources Management
-Appointment Scheduling
-Knowledge base

Marketing Functions
-Planning & Budgeting
-Marketing Lists
-Tracking and reporting

Some of the main process to simplify the work are as below:-

Sales Process
  1. Create Lead
  2. Qualify
  3. Convert to Opportunity
  4. Create Quote
  5. Create Order
  6. Create Invoice
Marketing process:-
  1. Planning & Budgeting
  2. Creating and managing lists
  3. planning and creating campaigns
  4. Launching and Managing Campaigns
  5. Tracking and Reporting
Will try to summarize Dynamic AX,NAV,GL & SL later

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