Thursday, August 18, 2011

Empires & Allies Advance Game Tip

 This is for the people who are at level 55 and don’t have anything to do before leaving the game this may be the last fun part the game can provide. You will need a lot of money & a lot off industry factories level 3

The idea is simply :-
Provide A Full Time Market Service
To start do the following:
1.     Use the maximum production option available,
This will take 3 days but don’t worry about time now.

2.     Go to all your friends and start buying all the goods.
A long and boring step but you will need to do it.

3.     Later put all the goods in your markets for sail.

Optimize your selling strategy by doing the following:
1.     Have (or build) at least 7 markets
5 for the ore productions (Iron, Gold, Aluminum, Uranium and Cupper) and one for Wood and another for Oil, if you like add more to sell military this will help too.
2.     Group your market in one place so all the goods are checked
3.     Put all your Markets in the Center, the first location the visitors can see.
4.     Make some market surrounding so it can be easily and instantly checked by your visitors. use empty space or some decorations to make the all the markets more visible
5.     Always try to have huge amount of goods in your market
If you have huge amounts of goods your friends will come back to you whenever they need anything

6.     Put all your money in the market, put don’t dry yourself leave about 50K-100K, for building and playing
7.     Use all the available space for industry production
8.     Put your Ground and Air units in the inventory don’t waste land for that.
9.     Remove all unnecessary decorations, including the roads and mission required decorations after your complete them.
10.   Increase Oil, Wood & whatever Ore production you have, done waist a lot of land for farms; they are not so good on the long run.
Simply everybody now will can come to your island and buy anything they need, so they will visit your market and in the process the visitors will try to gain one-energy by doing 5 simple clicks on anything worthy.

And if they do that you got there 5 clicks for life whenever they play. And your production time will drop.
Even if they don’t buy anything on their first visit they will remember that your island had a huge market off goods and they will come back.

Be aware that Wood is very high in demand so leave a bunch of Wood to refill your market, each time I come back to my market the wood is gone, I will need to increase my Wood industry even though I have a lot of them.

That’s it, you’re at the correct track after the money comes in with huge numbers build your huge fleet and invade everybody and be the largest emperor in Empire and Allies.

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