Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CityVille Popular Science Timed Goal Tips

I finished the mission in 2 minutes, but prepared for it one day before starting.

I was the worst in the timed missions, so this time I had some extra time to fix it. I have 4 time missions not yet started and decided to learn about them first and know how to get the bet result out of them,
For the City Ville Popular Science Timed Goal, and with some Google search, the requirements are:-

And all this for what ?
  • Gold Trophy: Solar Panel (gives you a 100 percent payout bonus to any buildings you place the Solar Panel next to).
  • Silver Trophy :50,000 coins .
  • Bronze Trophy:20,000 coins.
Its simple impossible to make if you start before you prepare, but if you prepare you can finish it after 2min of starting it, you get the highest reward, this is an advance mission so im expecting you to be an advance player too (have large and good CityVille), no need for extra space, no need to build one house.

In short summary:
• Collect from an Observatory Twice
--Have two of them ready to collect before starting 
• Increase your Population by 5,000
--Store several high population houses in your storage that will cover 5000 population and when you start    the mission return them to their original location 
 • Have 10,000 Goods
--Have the needed goods storage for that, and fill it with goods before starting the mission.

First Requirement: Collect from an Observatory Twice 
Before you start your mission check that you have a Observatory and its ready to collect, it will be ready again after 24 hours, I have two of these so I will wait until both are ready to collect and when Im ready to start this will be simple task. If you have one, ok no problem you will finish in one day (collect first time and wait 24 hours and collect again), or you can build the another ,completed and wait until its ready to collect.

Second Requirement: Increase your Population by 5,000 
I started first by some calculation, I will need about 625K$ to build 25 units of housing that have a population of 200 to make the 5000 goal , the energy too so or even the extra space need !!!!!!, but I found a very good tip and that is , you can use your storage for these time goals, you simple store what you have of the largest population building in the storage, your population will go down (lookout you will lose ready collected from the house, very small I don’t care.) after going down for more than 5000 you are ready to start the mission considering the population requirement. So when you start the mission, you only need to empty your storage by returning your housed to their original location. I used about 20 Big kahuna bungalow housed that had a population of 200-280

Third and last requirement: Have 10,000 Goods 
This is easy, I have a storage of about 16K, so I filled it before starting the mission. If you don’t have that storage yet, prepare for it, build some goods storage units and seed your farm for that goal, don’t start if you don’t have 10,000 or more in storage.

So enjoy bouns payout of your businesses and homes by 100 percent? after getting the Gold Trophy Solar Panel

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