Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome to the Windows Store

Finally I completed my registration for Microsoft Windows Store, and I can start submitting applications there. My Kids Metro Studio App will need some final tuning before submitting it, but its know a matter of some days and for me some time managements planning.

The steps to complete the Microsoft Windows Store registration process were as follow:
1. Complete one windows 8 boot camp (did this in Dubai - UAE)
This is an event that Microsoft is doing around the globe and its a great chance to learn stuff and meet people interested in Windows 8 development

2. Register and attend one Windows 8 App Quality Lab
This is a very useful session that you will show your application to Metro Style Developer from Microsoft and they will support, asset and direct you on the right track to complete your app.

3. Register your app here and full the survey, and I believe if they see and feel your app is ready or can be ready for the store they will provide you with a token, you can find it after few days on the Application Excellence Survey Results, at the bottom of the page.

For more details on the exact location
go to and login

From the Default.aspx page, Go to App Profiles
You will find your app that you added with the survey link (click this link) from the Microsoft developer, Below the survey you will find the token key with the following
[Your name] has a Token, granted by [Microsoft Develoepr]. Token: [Your Tokken]

Note: The Token is the Registration Code

4. Go to the windows store web site and login, start filling the forms for the registration for the windows store account, when you come by the Registration Code, enter your Tokken, complete the payment (its currently free )

5. That's it, you will receive a welcome letter from the store, and you can start uploading your win 8 apps.

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