Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Booting from Win8 VHD with your Win7

To set up Windows 8 as Virtual Machine and boot from it, without effecting your Win7, you can use the following:-
download the needed files from: http://github.com/naeemkhedarun/CreateWindows8VHD
You can use the steps there but I have small changes to let it work with my Win7

·         Run PowerShell
·         Go to the folder with the scripts “C:\projects\CreateWindows8VHD “ by executing:   
Cd C:\projects\CreateWindows8VHD>

·         Import the function “Create-Windows8VHD.ps1 “ by executing:
set-executionpolicy unrestricted
Import-Module .\Create-Windows8VHD.ps1

·         Create the VHD noting the parameters with the following:
Create-Windows8VHD "[VHD file location and name]" "[Size in MB]" "[Drive Letter]", example:
Create-Windows8VHD "D:\vhd\windows8.vhd" "10000" "X"

·         Following this to set up a dual boot record you can do:
C:\Windows\sysnative\bcdboot [Drive Letter]:\Windows
C:\Windows\System32\bcdboot X:\Windows

·         You should now be able to restart into the Windows 8 Preview!, restart your computer and you will get a windows start up page, then select your windows 7 or windows 8

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