Friday, June 11, 2010

HTC Desire

I bought an HTC Desire and its grate and awesome in all ways.

Very simple to use, beautiful colors, after making the basic setting it was like this is the only mobile I will use for life, the Google Android 2.1 is very stable, there performance is great, I had several other mobiles like the Imate PockePC and the Imate JasJar, some Nokia ones too like the N95 and some classic modules from the stone ages, in last period I was using BlackBerry Curve 8700, so people if you are out there and didn’t use the new age mobiles you are missing a real part of life,

Selecting what to go was a challenge, IPhone, Windows ,Android & Nokia & etc, my heart when to the HTC Desire, its design, large screen resolution, containing all the basic, and the most important thing is to test some new ground and that was the Android OS (Google mobiles). for more details you can check the HTC site here

Google made a super powerful mobile OS, the Google market place with all that free stuff, whatever you can imagine, you can simply find with only minutes.

May be some day I will even develop a small application for it, only for fun.

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  1. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Hello Thanks for such a perfect submit and the evaluation, I'm completely impressed! Maintain stuff like this coming.