Sunday, June 20, 2010

A new update to the Light Beta Sudoku

You can see the live version here Light Beta Sudoku

I made some small enhancement to the site, First completed the Auto Generation of New Sudoku Puzzles, and filled the database for the next two years, so Daily Sudoku is now active with the Complexity setting.

Yes you can select the level to play and then you can select from Random game or from the Daily Sudoku.

I updated the Action menu so it will display checkboxes with the help of symbol fonts, it helped to make the menu lighter and faster to load.

I updated the Sudoku Possibilities so that it will work with other browsers like Google Chrome & etc. made some small color adjustments too.

With a day or two the site will be fully functional, and I will try to add Google AdSense or/and Amazon recommendations too.

Working with this project was fun and I hope I can close it by the end of this week.

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