Sunday, June 20, 2010

WD My Book Studio (2TB External Hard Drive)

I have a large movie library and I will not start talking about the series too, currently about 400GB movies, I didn't see all of them but I believe I will have sometime in my vacation or on a Sunday/Friday night, so at that moment I will love to select something from my library and see it with the family. The problem was to store all that.

I selected a 2TB hard disk from my near computer equipment office (Speed for Computers) and the most things that I was focusing on were size and speed, with the WD My Book Studio I got both and more.

The size was 2TB, and against its price it was very cool, the speed was impressive, I have a local drive that’s 1TB and WD 2TB is faster (yes its an old 1TB drive). I have USB 2.0 connection that’s good and two FireWire 800 too (now we are talking).

It also includes in the same package a FireWire converter from 800 to 400 adapter cable for older systems with a FW 400 port.

It comes with backup software that will backup all your computer data with very simple and useful interface. So backup of your important family photos or important development software (I'm a coder) is one click a way.

The ink display on the devise is very helpful, with the free space left and a bar to show it, its very easy to know were are you in terms of space. I have a Windows 7 PC but the drive supports MAC too. It also have a very cool flashing let to tell you the state of the device (by the way it's also GreenPower Technology).

The dives design is cool too, a silver cover that looks very cool on my desktop near my monitors, it needs an external power devise to work too.

The WD SmartWare software can be updated (really the first thing I did) , it promises to increase the performance x5, I really did this first so I don’t know the old performance but two computers and two laptops had a very quick detect for the device and were all communicating smoothing.

The software is located on a separate write-protected partition on the drive that appears like a CD ROM when the drive is connected. (you can leave it and use it or you can remove/hide it).

The only sound you hear is a small quiet hesh hash when it is being used. When the drive automatically shuts down (Is not actually in use), there is no sound at all.

Its simply the most attractive device I used from a long time.

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